Safety & sanitation


Safety and hygiene through the use of disinfection and cleaning robots in healthcare.

Prevention of contagion:
Cleaning robots and disinfection robots help reduce the spread of hospital germs and viruses. Through their programmable routines, they can thoroughly disinfect surfaces and create sterile environments, which significantly reduces the risk of infection for patients, staff and visitors. #Robots can also provide support in intensive care units, where particularly high demands are placed on cleanliness and sterility.
Efficient cleaning processes:
Robot-based cleaning systems can provide hospitals, #care facilities and #laboratories with faster and more efficient cleaning. They are able to clean large areas in a short time, which reduces the workload of the cleaning staff and increases the efficiency of the cleaning processes.
Continuous disinfection:
A big advantage of #disinfection robots is their ability to work continuously. Unlike human staff, they can be deployed 24/7 to ensure constant #disinfection, especially in high-traffic areas and quarantine stations.
Minimizing hospital closures:
The use of cleaning and disinfection robots can reduce the frequency of hospital closures due to outbreaks of infection.